New plugin - Mail client with octoprint

I'm hobbyist trying to build a proof of concept

trying to develop a plugin in octoprint application which can access my emails based on the emails I receive it(plugin) will decide which file to print next

Mail client Application :- mailpile python based

Need help with related topics, if such plugin already exists or something close.

Any guidance is hugely appreciated


Not aware of a plugin that can receive print jobs via logging into e-mail account, I think that's what you mean? There are other approaches for remote queuing, like Autodrop3D, Fractal Bridge but both depend on external service rather than email.

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Thanks for the comment

You understood correct.

Your information help me

It looks like a paid service Autodrop3D I was thinking of opensource or free solution

Btw I know of a opensource plugin called continues printing plugin which is used for continue printing

I was thinking of combining mail client and continue printing plugin and create a way that we can print continue and by just sending a email

Files are gonna be already sliced and saved on SD card ready to print

I'm not sure why you wouldn't rely on Pyhton's mail client instead of a 3rd party library which includes a web mail front-end... Isn't IMAP access enough to get mails from a mailbox, parse them and act upon corresponding pattern? Instead of a fullblown webmail?

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My print scheduler plugin as well. I made the Autodrop3D plugin for them and believe both it and fractal have free plans. Another option would be astroprint for remote sending of files, and of course ngrok, octoeverywhere or any of the other remote access plugins.

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