New release candidate: 1.10.0rc1

Welcome to 2024! Today I’m happy to present to you the first release candidate of the upcoming 1.10.0 release.

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Exciting changes! Thank you, Gina!

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The much improved page load performance was very noticeable for me when testing it - I'm excited to see what the wider community makes of it!

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I don't see any information on Raspberry pi 5, so is this version only for pi 4 or will this work with pi 5?
And does this version have the new camera stack aswell?

Hello @Mads-Ejnar_Kehlet !

This is an update to OctoPrint, not OctoPi.

The functionality for new Raspberry hardware is given by OctoPi.

Oh, i see.
Then it make sense not to talk about the pi :slight_smile:
I will keep waiting for the new OctoPi version then :slight_smile:

Great news!!! Only, if I may suggest, whoever from those contributors (nevertheless many thanks to you all!) is responsible for the "achievements": please, please, please, could this feature made switchable-off (or at least "mutable" when it comes to notification)?

I understand the PR/marketing reasons for such gamification features these days, we have even a regular bank here who is having that in their account apps, it can be considered fun for lot of use-cases, but for a reasonable, focused and intensive work, all those messages and everything around the achievements (and other stuff like that) are only such buggers :-/

The achievements come from a new bundled plugin, so if you don't want to ever see them you can disable it in the plugin manager.

Brilliant! That's what I call good software architecture and making use of it - even unknown users needs&wishes are already fulfilled even before they come up :smiley: Thanks for info.

there are nightly builds of OctoPi 1.1.0 available for bookworm that support the Pi 5.

The financial support banner - nice! I am a supporter via github and get so much value from this software. Glad you're putting this out there to nudge folks. I think it'd be great to let them know which method gets the most of their donation directly to you as well. Not familiar with how much of a cut each site takes.

Who the hell is asking for achievements? I was not expecting that. I don't care that it exists, but it sure seems like something that should be disabled by default. Do we really have to gamify everything?

I actually have a serious non-snarky non-rhetorical question. What value does this bring to the project? I understand achievements in a game, especially online competitive games. But software for managing a print farm? Weird.

Anyway, the rest of the updates sound great and I do appreciate the hard work. OctoPrint is a quality project.

You can disable the plugin if you don't want it.

I'm going to. I'm just trying to understand what value it adds to the project. There's plenty of work to be done, why this over so many other possible options?

To clarify, I actually feel gamification has turned some communities, applications, and companies toxic. The drive to compete and accumulate internet brownie points can bring out very destructive behavior in certain individuals. I believe that introducing functionality such as this increases the risk of that happening and I just don't see the benefits that justify taking that risk.

Gina is entitled to run this project however she sees fit. If we don't like something, tough. But I feel like I'm taking crazy pills on this one.

Every change I've seen has been to make this project better, make it more reliable, make it faster. Less camera latency? Better visualizations? All the advanced features? That makes so much sense! And Gina's done it without bloating the program with a ton of worthless garbage, overbearing javascript or complicated UI. She has done such an amazing and tasteful job shepherding this project.

And then I see this and it just doesn't jive. Were it a new community plugin? Cool. Somebody was passionate about it and made it and shared it with the community. Wonderful. But to include it as a core component of the software itself just feels so wrong to me.

She'll do what she sees fit as she's entitled and I'll disable it and move on with my life. But I feel strongly that gamification is one of the things that's poisoning our culture and felt like I had to at least make my case before any permanent damage was done.

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It is a way to remind people that running this project takes time and effort and requires funding, at a time when they actually measurably gain value from it. It is a way to ensure the future funding of this project, while still also giving people back something instead of just plastering them with banners left and right.

My cry for help in October resulted in a ton of feedback along the lines of "omg, I had no idea" - this is my attempt in giving people a hint at how this project stays afloat without being too invasive and annoying, in the shape of functionality they might actually enjoy.

Whoever doesn't like that can just disable the plugin, that's the beauty of it.


I appreciate the response and the context. I wish you the best and I hope it works out better than my initial concerns lead me to believe.

While I have great respect for Gina, this is equally surprising and odd to me, Dalroth
already described this in the same way I feel it.