New to 3d printing and Octoprint - Advice needed

I am completely and totally new to both 3d printing and Octoprint/OctoPi. I'm just looking for advice and caveats/pitfalls to avoid when starting out.

Here's my status at the moment:

  1. I have an Ender 3 v2 on order with several spools of PLA filament. They should arrive later this week.
  2. I've installed OctoPi using the RPi Imager onto my Pi 4.
  3. I've setup the admin user credentials via the website and ensured neither the printer nor the Pi is available to the public internet.
  4. I've installed the latest updates when prompted.

There are no additional plugins installed, so it's a vanilla setup. What, if anything, is recommended for someone just starting out with 3d printing? What known issues are there with the Ender 3 v2?

I've worked in IT for 26 years so I have a pretty solid grasp on the concepts, but in terms of anything specific to 3d printing, I have zero experience with any of this. Any advice would be appreciated.

Hello @toddwentz !

For the ender 3 you definitely need this plugin:

The best resource for OctoPrint plugins is the plugin repository:

There are some very interesting, some that will not work with an ender. But there is always a description with the plugins.

You may have a look at that long list ( 298 running with Python 3), pick some and you are welcome to ask about them.

Thank you. This should get me started.

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