New use for... um, things


Those of you who have seen my pics on my rig have seen that I'm hanging my filament from the ceiling. This was working well for a few months, but, then, after a few months of changing filaments, and screwing and unscrewing these spool adapters
They started to loosen up, and started unscrewing as the filament spool turned. They turned so far that they went right up against the double nuts holding them on and jammed into the chain hanging them from the ceiling

The spool adapters worked perfectly until they started to slip, so I needed to keep them, but, I also needed something else. I'm thinking bearings

I went to the local home despot and they don't carry them in the store, online only, and 11 dollars each... PLUS SHIPPING. Yea, um, no

Walmart has a set of 8 for $5... plus shipping, and no estimated shipping date

So, on my way home, I stopped at the dollar store for some candy (which will come up in a later post) and I noticed these little beauties...



I picked up 4 of them, took them home, prepared them...


They were just cheapo things. A 3 way thing with BEARINGS pressed into them

I think I paid, um, a dollar each (I got them at THE DOLLAR STORE)

Luckily, they were shadily made, cuz all I had to do was press against the bearings and they popped right out, leaving me with exactly what I needed to solve my problem :wink:

I present to you now... My Solution :sunglasses:

MacGyver ain't got nothin' on me :wink: