No Events on certain commands

I catch events with the EventHandlerPlugin

When I home axes with printer.home or execute a file with printer.select_file ,
several PrinterStateChanged events ocure as expected.

When i send a G0/G1 command with printer.commands i see no events. Also tried with
following M400...

Would appreciate any help.


That's because there are no events for those options. You can find the available events below:

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And it would be a really bad idea to issue an event for every single G0 or G1...

If you want to react to certain commands being queued for sending or sent, take a look at the related hooks.

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Of course it would be a bad idea to have events on every single command.

I think my question was misleading. What i want is a printer busy state to
show a spinner or something. I tried to achieve this by using the printer state.