No Octoprint GUI on the Raspi?

I'm new to this and so may be missing something obvious, but I've experimented with it a couple days and haven't figure it out yet so decided to post my question.
I turned on the Octoprint GUI on the Raspberry Pi (3B+) and there is no 3D print app. The only place that appears is in a browser on a remote device. I start jobs at the printer. If I use the printer control box, the Octoprint features aren't involved. The only way I've figured out to start a job at the printer with the Octoprint interface is to use my cell phone.
Q: Is there a better way?

That is how OctoPrint is supposed to work, from inside a browser.

What you can do is run a browser on your Raspberry Pi. You have to install software for that first:

sudo ./scripts/install-desktop

Then you should be able to run a browser and open http://localhost

I installed the desktop but there is no browser. Is that a separate install?

I thought the Pi-optimised browser "Epiphany" was installed by default. I guess you can install chromium with sudo apt-get install chromium-browser.

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To: fieldOfView: OK. Thanks, that worked. But ...

The Octoprint GUI on the Raspi and my cell phone don't have control buttons [Print], [Pause], [Cancel] and the [Load and Print] button didn't work. They appear on the remote computer's Octoprint GUI, but I had to return there to start the job.
Is this proper behavior? Maybe only one active GUI can have working control(?)

@gtaylor828: You may add the Touch-UI plugin.

Search the forum here for the words "chromium-browser kiosk". There are several threads already where people have talked about this.

OK. Got that installed and activated.
It's a completely different GUI, which I didn't expect but understand, now that I thought about it. A touch GUI for a small display like a cell phone has to be different to be usable.
But the Raspi display is a 1600x900 LED HDMI monitor and it has the small-format GUI, too.
Q: How can it be configured to show the same GUI that appears on the remote computer?

Disable the TouchUI plugin.

Run it in the browser on your computer as it was intended to be run. Mac/PC windows/Linux. Running it from your phone? Nope. I know it can be done but why? Screen is far too small and the bandwidth is a joke on 4g or wireless. The Pi does one thing at a time just great. when you start putting other loads on it? Might as well run your jobs from the SD card and your printer control panel. I use Octo-print on 4 printers each on a separate Pi3_B+. Each have their own IP. I access each in a different browser tab. Works flawlessly.

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Jumping on ...

I have the same setup, a big ten inch display on my Pi. Went to install the desktop and the instructions say there will be problems printing.

Is this really true with a Pi 3 or a 4? I could move a 4 over to the machine.

Just like the OP, I want to be able to stand in front of the printer and run jobs, I have no intention of moving a PC over to the closet it's in. That seems like a loss of functionality.

But I do want good prints. Python usually just uses one CPU thread, has anyone actually had a bad print with the GUI installed?

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I used the desktop on a Pi 4 and had no issues.
But I also used my own printer firmware and increased the buffers to max possible and OCed the Pi to 2000 MHz.

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