No settings in camera configuration visible

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I am running Octoprint 1.5.0rc1 inside a Docker container on my NAS to control my Prusa Mini. For a camera I am using an ESP32 Cam running a CameraWebServer.

Octoprint can access the camera via URL just fine and I can do Octoprint timelapses. So now I installed the Octolapse plugin 0.4.0. But in the camera profile I can not see any settings. It just shows the Name and Description field. The same is for creating new camera profiles.

Am I missing something obvious or might this be an issue with incompatibility between Octoprint and Octolapse versions.

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Same for me. Some plugins config pages got some issues with 1.5.0
What you could try is to config the cam on stable and the go back to rc.
And just btw rc3 is the latest rc :slight_smile:

FormerLurker is on it, this was a right pain to fix but it's most of the way across the line. Some UI dependencies were updated that turned out to not like a couple of things he was using, but most of the issues have been figured out.

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