No Snapshot Trigger with Artillery Genius

Good morning!

I am having trouble getting the Octolapse on the Artillery Genius and running.
The normal time-lapse recording from Octoprint works itself, the camera is also set up correctly.

Cura: 4.13
Octolapse: 0.4.1
OctoPrint: 1.7.2

As described in these instructions, I added the script from this page to the start of the Gcode.
My problem now is that I don't get any snaps even in test mode.
Even the preview does not show anything, so the trigger to trigger the snap is simply missing.

If I set the trigger to "Smart GCode", I also get an error message that no snapshot commands are included.
No snapshot commands were found. Current snapshot commands: @OCTOLAPSE TAKE-SNAPSHOT

But how does it work to generate this command?
I guess that it should be in the Gcode?!
The trigger via a timer does not work either, so I suspect something in the Octolapse Settings rather than in Cura ....


So I think I've got it!

  1. In the firmware settings I MUST have X/Y/Z mode set to "Default To Absolute". This is the default setting!
  2. Then the priming is initially not recognized for me (error)
  3. To get rid of that I had to raise the prime height from 0.75 (default) to 0.85
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