Not wishing to tempt fate

I follow the forum quite closely and I read many posts where people are having issues on a range of things. I wouldn't class myself as savvy with the Octoprint set up but a user that runs the latest edition with quite a few plugins.

I have a Creality Cr10s Smart and a Creality Ender 5 Plus both running separate incidences if Octopi on their own PI. Im unsure what I am doing right but my setup on both printers just works. I don't experience any issues, failures or software problems, maybe I am just lucky but out of the 'box' my octoprint works faultlessly and I have been a user for quite a few years. I personally don't need to dig deep into the guts of the software or push boundaries as it stands it full fills and exceeds my requirements.

Sometimes we do have a tendency to 'tinker' and to re-invent the wheel when there is no need, or we lose site of what we want to do.... complete a print. For me Octoprint as intended works great.... Having said all this I just hope I haven't 'tempted fate' Thanks developers.

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I agree. In short, never touch a running system.
But sometimes the flaws come right out of nowhere.

That is we are here and try to help.

BTW: the only fates I appreciate are those in FFXIV :slight_smile: