Nozzle temperature from the Control Tab

Hey guys.

Do we have any plugin to show the nozzle temperature when the Control tab is selected/open?

Why? Most of the time I want to extrude/retract but the nozzle has to be hot, and then I have to keep changing tabs. Is it possible to add temperature to this tab?

I just don't want the temperatures on the top bar because it pollutes to much there.

You may try:

Thank you. I have tried this before but I pretty like the slim layout. Since I can put more things in the scree ate the same time. But see. Having a layout that has temperatures, camera and the controls in the same tab, while keeping the tab width would be really nice addition. Are you aware of something like that?

There is this plugin, which came before Consolidated Tabs. Although does that one allow you to change the width? Not sure.