OBS Websocket Control?

Wondering if this exists anywhere in the wild, OBS Websocket Control starts a stream when a print is started and stops when the print has concluded, or maybe it's set via the temperature of the hot end. I know of the plugins that do RTMP forwarding for the MPEG stream cam, but I added more in my OBS with overlays that'd I'd like to remain included while automating streams for when I print.

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Does OBS have any form of API/webhook based control? If so you could use the webhooks plugin, or even the built in event manager to run system commands if you can figure out a command line/bash script approach to control OBS.

I don't believe webhooks are supported. From what I've seen, it's only web sockets

well, found a simple client that uses python. you could use it potentially, here's an example.

you'd have to dig through the protocol docs to get the right request I suppose, but it's a starting point.

also found a command line version that might work too.