OctaPrint with Oodriod Xu4

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Just to gather some feedback here. I would like to understand if anyone had tried to install OctaPrint with Oodriod's XU4 Single Board Computer?


I understand the mainstream is installing Octaprint with Raspberry Pi. Hence by using Oodriod XU4, will those plugins designed for Raspberry Pi will work with Oodriod XU4?

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Hi :tentacle:

OctoPrint works fine on the XU4.
I would recommend to install a debian or ubuntu based os and then simply run this installation script :slight_smile:

The plugins which a specifically designed for a Raspberry Pi mostly won't work - but a lot of them could be adapted to work with the XU4 (for example by changing RPi.GPIO to Odroid.GPIO in the python source code of the plugin and modifying pins when necessary)

The rest of the plugins should work without any issues.

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Thank you so much for your valuable input.