Octo app and octo print question

I have a question about the letters

What do they stand for?
I have searched for hours and i cant find the anwser.
I know they are temperature related but i need to know what exactly.

Hello @ninja06 !

In what context exactly?
Maybe as part of a gcode command?
Then it depends on the gcode.

Is it a Prusa printer? I know they produce temperature report lines like this:

T:199.5 /200.0 B:60.2 /60.0 T0:199.5 /200.0 @:75 B@:23 P:0.0 A:35.6

According to their docs, P is the temperature of the PINDA probe, A is ambient.

W is a countdown timer for when the target of the bed will be reached, in a blocking heating command. I'm not sure what E would be, but it was probably reported at some point by the printer, and currently OctoApp is the only client that will just display everything.

Yeah its a prusa printer.
Thanks for clarification :beers:

I wonder if E would be for "Extruder Temp" but that is already represented by "Hot End"

I've never seen E or W show anything but 0 so I wonder how/if we could make use of them?

Perhaps would be cool if we had an insulated enclosure with a temp probe and maybe exhaust fan to control the temp inside the enclosure