[Octo Relay] with Big Tree tech?

I got the Big Tree tech SKR e3 V3 installed the firmware and all that, and it all works just fine.

...except that OctoRelay no longer turns on the printer when I start a print from Cura. It did before. Before: Press print in Cura, OctoRelay turns on the pin for the relay that opens up for the mains power to the printer.
After BTT SKR e3: Nothing. I have to turn it on manually, with the button in the UI, which works just fine..

What's wierd is that I cant figure out whats changed with regards to OctoRelay and as mentioned the button in the UI still works.

The box "ON before before printing" is ticked of for the printer relay.

Shouldn't this work just as it did before I installed the BTT board?