Octo4a - Firmware Updater

Has anyone ever used the Firmware Updater using Octo4a? Can it be done? I have used a raspberry Pi in the past. Using same settings, but when I try to flash it say "Print timeout". Yes I have disconnected from the printer and have AVRDUDE installed.

Thanks, Kevin

I have not has much success with the Firmware Updater;

I have to download and use balenaEtcher to put that file to an SD card and the boot with this in my printer to flash it

You used etcher to flash the firmware update for you printer to the sd card? How :smiley:
Could you post a link to that firmware?

Octoprint Actions:-

If you are already using OcotoPrint:-
Go online and save your settings, (backup), for used after Flashing the Raspberry Pi with Octoprint

Format an SD Card using, (not using Windows); NOTE Windows will request to Format the SDCard a few times, cancal this and only us the SD Memory Card Formatter, (not quick to format), this should create "boot" on the SDCard:-

SD Memory Card Formatter

Get Otoprint, zip file from (The Green highlighted link)

Uncompress the Otoprint ".img" type file

Use Balena etcher to select the uncompress the Otoprint ".img" type file and select the Target as the SDCard then Flas. Wait for Success message; not a quick action.

Open octopi-wpa-supplicant.txt on the SDCard

Edit the section to use Your Internet Router setting, keep the Quote Marks :-

WPA/WPA2 secured

ssid="Your Internet Router setting"
psk="Your Internet Router password"

Save this edited file back to the SD Card.

Turn off the Raspberry Pi

Place the SDCard into the the Raspberry Pi slot and turn on. This will Flash Octoprint to the Raspberry Pi, no real indication of this.

You can leave the SDCard in the Raspberry Pi once Flashed, I normally do.

NOTE: the Raspberry Pi with OcotoPrint can take about a 2 minutes to Boot to a level where OctoPrint may be accessed; some Patience is required

You then have to go online to the I.P. Address for OcotoPrint and set it up online as you require. If you have saved your settings for earlier you can use these, reloading a backup can take some time. Again ; some more Patience is required

OcotoPrint from the IP address should now be usable


Get Marlin Firmware from, (I ntmally use the BugFix version)

I don't know where you found this. (Reddit ?)

This is rubbish. If you put an image on a SD card, the format will be deleted anyway.

Your info is about preparing a SD card for a Raspberry Pi.
This Thread is about Octo4a: OctoPrint for an Android smart phone.

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