Octobrew - Automated brewing system

Hey all, I'm looking to build a version of octoprint that will take care of my homebrew system. Brewing beer is fun and could use a better system then those around. I mean Octoprint is already awesome, it could be "easy" to make a system that take care of electric brewery system. I mean both system uses arduino based controller. It could be a fun project to make.

I hope we can work toward a successful project.

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Myself, I think I'd go the BrewPi route since I like the Raspberry Pi over Arduino (more RAM).

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I know most of them. I just like how octoprint works. :wink:

Gina pointed to me that I should make a Stretch interface... what is stretch ?

Debian has versions which are named after Pixar characters from their cartoons ("Toy Story"). Raspbian is based on Debian so it has the same version-naming scheme. Stretch is the version from earlier this year and Buster is the latest one which is almost released as a finalized version.

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I didn't tell you to make a Stretch interface, I told you that building something from scratch, as in, from the ground up, would probably be easier :wink: