OctoCam, an alternative to YawCam

I had a friend not wanting to use YawCam, as it seems as it requires Java 6, which is a pain to download. I decided that I'd make an alternative using python, to make the process easier. Here's OctoCam, an open source project I've started.

The code can be found here: GitHub - CardinalCyn/OctoCam An exe can be found here

To get started, just run the exe, or use the repo to run it. Just use click pull cameras to retrieve a list of your connected cameras, select your camera, choose your desired dimensions, and click pull feed to generate the stream and snapshot urls. I know the urls technically aren't in the format that OctoPrint says that they want them in, but it seems to still work. You can verify the stream functionality by pasting the link into your browser.

This is my first time doing something like this, so feel free to contribute to the project. Post any comments and suggestions in this thread or raise an issue on Github


Thanks for sharing. This might be a better alternative to use in my Windows Installer over YawCam, or as an additional option if you're not opposed to that. Quick question, would it support multiple cameras by chance?

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A command-line only option might be a good idea too for enabling the app to run as a service. I just tested on my laptop and after installing the relevant needed dependencies (pyfladesk, opencv-python, pygrabber) everything worked like a charm. I like how when there's not a viewer it turns the camera off, or at least did on my laptop.

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