Octodash on seperate rPi?

Can I install Octodash on second Raspberry Pi, or does it need to be on the same rPi as Octoprint?

Yes, you can install it anywhere you like. May have to adjust the config to point it to the right Pi, but otherwise there shouldn't be an issue.


Yeah, I've been working on OctoDash feature implementation and was able to connect remotely to my pi. You just have to manually enter, or select the device from the list (not sure if this feature is available with the current stable release as I'm working with current development stuff) during initial setup wizard.

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Thanks a lot guys!

Did you have any Luck with that, and how did you do it?

It's written in the solution post:

Okay got it, just reading the text right that the script outputs, something with can't fid VENV