OctoEverywhere //OctoPrint Anywhere

my french is better than english
but y try
who is better or secure :OctoEverywhere //OctoPrint Anywhere ?

OctoPrint Anywhere has been replaced by 'The Spaghetti Detective' and is a more mature product, but OctoEverywhere tunnels the entire web interface. It is new and sometimes crashes.

Both use similar methods, equally secure I think.

merci pour la réponse !

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There's also the Ngrok Tunnel


the tunnel :easy to install ? easy to configure ?
y m not informaticien , just french woodworker !

I'm afraid I can't help with the tunnel. I just knew it existed as an alternative.

The topic I linked is a long one but either it will answer your questions or posting a reply there will likely find someone (like @fieldOfView) that will help.

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Both tunnels are comparable in how they work. Both require you to sign up for an account (free options are available). You could say that OctoPrint Anywhere is more aimed at OctoPrint users, while ngrok uses a more stable/proven backend. Using either of them is much, much better than port forwarding (which you should not do) and much simpler than setting up a VPN connection.

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merci pour la reponse
ma question depart etait :
my french is better than english
but y try
who is better or secure :OctoEverywhere //OctoPrint Anywhere ?"
quel est votre avis d'expert sur le sujet ?

I have experience with neither of the two.

OctoEverywhere and ngrok give you full access to the OctoPrint interface and is compatible with many phone/tablet apps. OctoPrint Anywhere has been abandoned as stated above, but its followup project Spaghetti Detective gives you remote access via its own interface only. It also monitors your printer for failed prints.