OctoFarm 1.1 - Beta Release

Hello everyone, me again!

I've been busy getting my app converted over to a full stack server, database and client application. If anyone is interested in testing then please feel free to head over to the new location at: https://github.com/NotExpectedYet/OctoFarm

I've also got a website now: https://octofarm.net![dashboard|690x341]

Attached some screenshots:



Just sent you a token donation. :+1:

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Absolute legend thank you!

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Will help me get my 2 printers working.

and now in a full sentence :stuck_out_tongue:
jk but I'm not sure what you mean. I guess you're asking for help with your 2 printers?

We need more details on what exactly is not working.

I mean, I have 2 printers. One octopi. I will install 2 instances of Octoprint and use Octofarm to work with them.