OctoFarm - Octoprint multi-instance management and monitoring

Personally I'd have at least 1 other pi for the printers. If you want more redundancy then a Pi/device on each printer, but I currently run 3 printers and 2 CNC from an i3 with 2GB of ram.

The last I heard before I did some CPU improvements is it was using around 20% of the Pi4 CPU, and I got a personal drop on my own system from 6% to 1-2% after those same improvements but whilst the Pi4 could probably handle OctoFarm and a few instances others I would recommend just saving any chance of OctoFarm interferring with the CPU because it does process a lot of information at high rates depending if you throttle your websocket / how many printers it's managing.

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seems the git server is down, though

This is true - OctoFarm has had a full website for some time now:


I'm new here, so I'm not sure this is the correct place to post my question. I hope it is.
I have about 30 octoprint instances running on 2 Rpi. I have installed Octofarm on a windows tablet to manage all those instances.

Question: Is it possible to access this Octofarm from another device on my network using a URL, similar to how I can access individual octoprint instances from any device using their local IP addresses?

IP of your tablet with :4000 on the end should suffice. E.g.

Thanks for the prompt response!
The http://IPofTablet:4000 address works successfully, but only on the tablet itself. On other devices I'm getting that awful, 'This site can't be reached' error.
I don't have to install nodejs and Mongodb and Octofarm on individual devices, do I?

Most welcome :slight_smile: you caught me on holiday aha.

Erm... Well to answer your question no. OctoFarm is itself a web server similar to OctoPrint. So you only need it on one device.

I'd be leaning towards something with firewall rules on the tablet. I'm not going to pretend I know windows firewalling and usually windows works out of the box for an OF setup accessing from another device.

I'd start by turning off your firewall and double checking it works. If that works grand, it's certainly something with that.

OctoFarm by default binds to which means it should already be listening.

Another thing to check, I gather they're all on the same network but worth a try, is to ping the tablet from the device your accessing it from.

I may be teaching to suck eggs but opening command prompt and typing "ping" will at least rule out a network issue. Obv. Replace your IP aha.

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Oh I see! Great, I'm going to try these. Hopefully I'll come all good

It was indeed the Windows Defender firewall that was causing the problem. I turned it off for Private Networks and now any device on our network can reach the server and open Octofarm! Thanks again for the help

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Epic, glad you got it sorted. happy printing!