Octolapse 0.4.0 not working with flashforge

Has anybody been able to make this work with a Flashforge Creator pro?
Spent over 1 hour trying and cannot get it to work.

Can you elaborate? What isn't working and what did you try?

Hi Brad,

Getting printer not primed, priming was not detected.
So I set those numbers to zero and that error went away.
Now the extruders slam into the front right corner and back left corner when trying to print.
Starts printing then slams into front right, goes back to print then slams in back left corner then goes back to print.

Export and attach your settings.json file please. Gist.github.com works well for that.

Here you go.


(Attachment settings.json is missing)

first attempt rejected. had to zip it, here it is.


settings.zip (7.7 KB)