OCtolapse and Cancel Object plugin

Just had a rather frustrating eperience with octolapse and Cancel Object plugin.
I had two Easter Eggs printing, with some leftover White PLA, and decided to feed Black PLA when white ran out, I did so, it worked, but after about 15 layers one of the eggs came unstuck from the bed so I used the Cancel Object plugin to ignore that egg and continue with the other. That worked.
Octolapse disagreed. When it was its time to take a snapshot, it threw a couple errors and would not let the print continue. The hotend was stuck in the same position, slowly oozing plastic, I could not pause, cancel or alter the print in any way, I eventually had to power off the printer, diconnect the USB cable and reconnect it, reboot OctoPi.

Errors from Octolapse log:

2020-09-15 17:33:51,692 - octolapse.timelapse - ERROR - The snapshot position is None.  Either the print has cancelled or a timeout has been reached. 
2020-09-15 17:42:22,270 - octolapse.timelapse - ERROR - The snapshot position is None.  Either the print has cancelled or a timeout has been reached.

Printer is Creality CR 10 MAX, Octolapse settings are:
Stabilization> Centered
Trigger> Smart - Compatibility
Rendering> MP4 60 FPS

No customization on those settings has been performed, they are vanilla.

Any way to avoid this from happening? I shiver at the thought I could have 15 objects on the bed at the same time and all 15 would have been ruined because I don't have a way to tell OctoLapse to cancel, stop, pause or just get out of the way.

Is the plugin still in development?

Which one do you have in mind?

Did you follow the manual of Cancel Object (https://github.com/paukstelis/OctoPrint-Cancelobject)?

You also may give this one a try:

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Cancel Object works fine, when Octolapse is disabled.
When Octolapse is enabled, canceling an object stops the print indefinitely, Octolapse errors out and I can't continue. So I assume it's something Octolapse does (or fails doing) which sends the job into a full stop with no way to recover.
The culprit is Octolapse, maybe GCode processing algorithm fails, maybe there is something else happening, fact of the matter is there is no issue canceling an object if Octolapse is disabled. I was asking whether Octolapse is still under development because there was no acknowledgment or reply for a week.
The issue can be replicated, so it's not a one-off.

But if Octolapse runs fine with Cancel Object diasabled, Cancel Object also can be the culprit.

Maybe the algorithm fails because an object is cancelled to which octolapse has a dependency to.
One must know more about the mechanics both plugins work with.

To add an answer to that, AFAIK it is, but just like OctoPrint, Octolapse is pretty much developed single handedly by one person (:wave: @FormerLurker), and not full-time to boot, so my guess is Brad is simply busy with other more pressing stuff right now.

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As a workaround, you can stop octolapse (stop button that appears while printing in the octolapse tab) if you need to cancel. There is an issue on the octolapse github page about this. I have not yet had time to resolve it, but it is on the agenda.

Thank you. It's all good if it's a known issue, I just wanted to convey the information forward.
I'll try stopping Octolapse next time, to be honest I don't remember whether I attempted that but I'll update the next time it happens.

Excellent, thank you. I really appreciate receiving thoughtful error reports. I will try to remember to update this post with my progress. If I don't, you should see any fixes in the release notes for the next version of Octolapse.

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I have used cancelobjects and Octolapse together in the past without issue (keep in mind, this was quite a long time ago), but let me know if there is anything I can fix on the cancelobjects side to assist.