Octolapse cancelling prints since octoprint update

Hey there,

I did change to the devel branch to help foosel testing and since that moment I can not start a print with octolapse running. Before that it all worked flawless.
I get the following messages in the plugin_octolapse.log:

2019-11-24 19:47:45,443 - octolapse.timelapse - INFO - Print Start Detected.  Command: M110 N0, Tags:set(['trigger:comm.start_print', 'source:job', 'trigger:comm.reset_line_numbers'])
2019-11-24 19:47:45,446 - octolapse.__init__ - INFO - Print start detected, attempting to start timelapse.
2019-11-24 19:47:45,716 - octolapse.__init__ - ERROR - Unable to start the timelapse.  Cancelling print.  Error:  Unable to start the print.  Some required slicer settings are missing or corrupt: Retract Before Move,Lift When Retracted
2019-11-24 19:47:46,103 - octolapse.__init__ - INFO - Print cancelling.
2019-11-24 19:47:46,453 - octolapse.__init__ - INFO - Print cancelled.
2019-11-24 19:47:46,511 - octolapse.__init__ - INFO - homing to payload:%s.
2019-11-24 19:47:46,886 - octolapse.__init__ - INFO - Print failed.

I did change the release channel to Devel RCs and also did run an update, but the UI still says running Octoprint 1.3.12. Might there be something wrong with the update process or is it a problem of the plugin?

By the way, I will upload the first few lines of my gcode, just in case there is something interesting in there...

;Filament used: 1.96711m
;Layer height: 0.2
;Generated with Cura_SteamEngine 4.4.0
M140 S75
M190 S75
M104 S230
M109 S230
M82 ;absolute extrusion mode
ENC O1 R220 G220 B160
G28 ;Home
G29 L2; Load Mesh
G29 J; Bed leveling
G92 E0
G92 E0
G1 F1500 E-6.5
G1 F300 Z1.2
G0 F6000 X124.113 Y100.269 Z1.2
G1 F300 Z0.2
G1 F1500 E0
G1 F900 X124.712 Y99.548 E0.03118
G1 X125.37 Y98.88 E0.06236
G1 X126.083 Y98.271 E0.09355
G1 X126.846 Y97.724 E0.12478
G1 X127.652 Y97.245 E0.15596
G1 X128.102 Y97.016 E0.17275
G1 X130.389 Y95.917 E0.25715
G1 X132.63 Y94.762 E0.341
G1 X134.819 Y93.555 E0.42414
G1 X137.016 Y92.261 E0.50895
G1 X137.999 Y91.648 E0.54748
G1 X138.504 Y91.352 E0.56695
G1 X139.624 Y90.734 E0.60949
G1 X139.808 Y90.634 E0.61646
G1 X141.337 Y89.828 E0.67394
G1 X141.488 Y89.75 E0.6796

Best regards and thanks for any help in advance,

edit1: when deactivating octolapse I can print just fine.

Sorry for the late response, been out of town and have since been catching up.

I just made the latest devel release compatible with OctoPrint 1.4, so you will want to update again from the devel branch. However, the error you are seeing is this:

Some required slicer settings are missing or corrupt: Retract Before Move,Lift When Retracted

You have two options to fix this:

  1. Edit your octolapse printer profile and fill in the missing settings. Note that there was a slight issue with the settings migration that could have caused this. You might want to upgrade Octolapse from the devel branch link once again.
  2. Switch your slicer type to 'Automatic' in your octolapse printer profile, and follow this guide for getting that configured. Pay EXTRA close attention since you are using cura (there is a link in that guilde for cura specific instructions) and ESPECIALLY your cura version. Setup is slightly different for Cura 4.2 and above.

Let me know how it goes!