Octolapse - Creality Print Slicer setup guide

Is there a guide detailing how to integrate Creality Print slicer with Octolapse?

I prefer Cura slicer but there’s currently no Creality 3 V3 SE printer profiles, tried using Ender 3 and it’s working but print is slow. As a result I’m using Creality Print slicer which supports Ender 3 V3 but not sure how to add Octolapse setting. Whilst typing this I wonder if it’s just a matter of adding the Cura gcode values ?

Update since posting my original question, there appears to be printer support being developed and might be released in v5.5 of Cura. In the meantime it’s possible to download the Ender 3 V3 SE drivers from here

These then need adding to the relevant locations and the new printer is available in Cura. Search for the relevant file locations and drop the files into the folders

I then used the Octolapse Cura setup instructions and added the relevant gcode .

So far I have completed a number of prints using Cura v5.4 and OctoPrint with Octolapse and all is working well.

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