Octolapse Error File line number 2 was expected, but 2 was received!

File line number 2 was expected, but 2 was received!

sys info bundle:
octoprint-systeminfo-20220425095921.zip (49.9 KB)

octoprint-logs.zip (344.0 KB)

plugin_octolapse.log (327 Bytes)

How is the issue related to Octolapse?

Does it only occur when you use that plugin?

Here is the full error: "octolapse.timelapse - ERROR - File line number 2 was expected, but 2 was received!"

I get this same error quite a bit. It happens at the beginning of the print and Octolapse fails to take a Timelapse. For me it happens 9 times out of 10. There doesn't appear to be anything I'm changing that impacts whether it works or not. I can literally cancel a job when I see the error and then restart it from Octoprint and have it work when it restarts.

If I have Octolapse disabled, I never see the error.

I just noticed that I didn't have Verbose G-code enabled in my slicer (PrusaSlicer). I've enabled that and will report back if that helps or not.

Turning on Verbose G-Code didn't change anything. I'm attaching debug logs in case that could help.

Edit to add solution:

The Octolapse forums and troubleshooting guide led me down the road of thinking plugins that manipulate GCode might interfere with Octolapse. I disabled the "PrettyGCode" plugin and now Octolapse works perfectly again. :slight_smile:

plugin_octolapse (1).zip (117.9 KB)

Same happens to me. Sometimes it works sometimes this error. Can't figure out why it works in some cases and not others.

Do you also have the 'PrettyGCode' plugin?

I do. Is that the issue?

I don't know, but the post right above yours said that disabling that plugin stopped this problem from happening to them.

The error is related to Octolapse, so it will only occur when the plugin is enabled. Which we need enabled to create the timelapse we want to make.

I disabled PrettyGCode and the error remains.

I'm getting the same error. I've discovered at least one bug in the timelapse module when it creates the error, but am not sure what role that's playing. It seems to happen consistently when I use the OctoPod iOS app to start the job. If I use the web interface then it never seems to have this issue.

I'm not using OctoPod to start my prints and the error still occurs.