Octolapse feature request - Trigger at new layer without messing with the print job


Is there any way we can get an option to have Octolapse trigger without stopping the print job to move the print head? Maybe as a get ahead option you could tell Octolapse to take the shot when the print head is the furthest in one direction. But not stop the print or do anything that pauses the job as this causes artifacts.


Wouldn't you just use the built-in timelapse capture then? Octolapse's benefits are in positioning the printhead for consistent location (or simulation of motion, a la the orbit setting) from frame to frame. If you don't want the printhead to move, tke the picture, then move back, timelaspe already does this quite well, either timed or on layer change as you spoke of.


Technically yes, but I was hoping to be able to designate the location of the hot end before a pic was taken.
For instance if a print is printing a vase, then take the shot each time the hot end is at the furthest right of center for the current layer. I know I'm being picky here but hey why not dream big. :wink:

Plus I think that Octolapse has higher quality (could just be me).


I've been trying to think of a way to do what you are suggesting, but I think it will require some gcode pre-processing to accomplish, and wouldn't always generate a smooth timelapse. That being said, there are also other neat things one could do with a pre-processor.


Depending on your slicer, you might try setting the Seam Position (Slic3r), or Z Seam Alignment (Cura) to the Rear or Aligned position. This should start each layer off in the same, or nearest possible location, and so a timelapse trigger on layer change would hopefully occur at that point each layer.