Octolapse freezes in the middle after 20 minutes or so

So I just started using Octolapse. Yesterday I used it for the first time and during the print I was looking at the settings and I noticed it was frozen. I thought I clicked something so I ran it again and it stopped again in the same exact spot. Doing a little research I disabled some previews and things that shouldn't affect the print. I gave it another try just now and it did the exact same thing again.

I am using a Voxelab Aquila X2. I am running Octoprint through a Raspberry Pi 3. The cameras is a Logitech C922. In Octolapse I had 'Log all errors' but i have no idea what I'm looking at.

If anyone can help me I would truly appreciate it.


We have no idea what you are looking at either unless you upload the log file.

Hi Morgan. You're absolutely correct. I was so frustrated I forgot to include it. The log file is pretty big so I uploaded it to Google Drive. Here is the link to the file.
Please Note: Ignore the X,Y,Z Axis errors. That was a setting I overlooked before printing that I addressed. Thanks again, Ron

Octolapse Log file