Octolapse- Internal server error

Tring to install Octolapse i keep getting this messgage,

I previously had TH3d installed on my i3 plus have since changed to ADVi3 4.0.4 as it supports BLTouch.

Had no problem installing octolapse on TH3d but doents seem to be working this time round.

More than likely its something ive done wrong :crazy_face:

I've done the steps in octopi.txt shown in pics and it downloads OK just wont enable.

Hopefully its something simple.

Thanks in advance for any help :grinning:

You might read through this issues thread and see if there is any advice which helps.

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:face_with_monocle: not sure how i missed that one, Thanks. :see_no_evil:

The answer came in the form of resetting default setting in the Octolapse tab.

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