Octolapse not rendering at set fps


Hi all,

I've been using Octolapse for ages and love it but i've just come across a problem i cant seem to fix. Ive just found that all of my videos have been rendered at 25 fps instead of 60 fps as selected in the rendering options. I see Octoprints default time lapse is 25 fps and i'm wondering what setting i'm missing to over ride this default?
I'm using a Logitech C920 which as far as i can tell is configured correctly.



Look at your 'rendering' profile and make sure it's set to

FPS Type - Static FPS
Static FPS - 60

If that is your configuration, perhaps there is some issue. Can you post a rendered timelapse too?

Let me know if that helps!


Sorry for the late reply. Yes i have static fps set at 60 fps.

Here are the file details showing 25fps:

Here is a video

Sandworm video



Ug, I see. I've been researching this and have come up with a few leads. I'll report back later in the weekend.

Thanks for posting the video! This is the first time I've seen anyone use the text overlay :slight_smile: I'm glad this is being used!


Thanks Brad.

It's still by far my favorite plugin! The text overlay was a great addition!

I actually plan on doing an entirely fresh install on a new pi 3B+. Will be interesting to see if it happens on the fresh install.