Octolapse + Panasonic G85 & scripts

Hey guys,

So, I need little help about connecting Octolapse with DSLR (Panasonic G80/G85/G81). I found one tutorial on youtube about how to connect octopi to my camera via wifi and I managed to make it works.

For that I had to connect my Raspberry Pi with utp cable and then set Wifi to connect to camera. After that I had to create two scripts that were supposed to work with octolapse, one for "Before Print Start Script" and another for "Before Snapshot Script". First one can be found here:

And the second one, before snapshot script is this:

I enter both paths (/home/pi/scripts/name_of_script.sh) where they should be (related to video that I link at the end), try and press on first test script and I get next error:
Camera Script Failed
Errors were detected - The 'DSLR - Before Print Camera Script' process returned errors. See plugin_octolapse.log for details

Then I try and hit test on second script link (before snapshot script) with following error:
Errors were detected - The 'DSLR - Before Snapshot Camera Script' process returned errors. See plugin_octolapse.log for details.

I check the plugin_octolapse.log file, but im noob for find out what is wrong :/. plugin_octolapse.log:

I know I could go wirh external camera - script and not webcamera, but error is same..

Video that I followed:

One thing to note, guy from video have older version of Octopi and Octolapse, I have latest versions of both (Octopi 1.7.2 and Octolapse 0.4.1).

At the end Im asking for some help to solve this situation as I would like to use this camera at least for that, since I mostly dont use it for anything else anymore :). I hope I wrote everything necessary :).