Octolapse parametre

hello i do not speak english j use google to graduate sorry.

I do not know if I am in the right section.

is it not possible to adapt octolapse so that it takes back the information of the gcode instead of having to create a profile print?

I second this heartily. I have too many prints with modified settings to have a single 'profile' in Octolapse.

I was very excited to get it working only to find out that I can't have any speeds the same value and would have to change my slicer settings to get it to work properly. That's not happening.

I've already got this implemented, as a matter of fact! However, it doesn't eliminate the printer profile entirely, just really reduces what you need to enter.

This will be available in the next release, which will be a month or two at least. There are some REALLY big changes coming, and it will take a while to test/validate.

OH, don't worry about the non-unique speeds unless you are using 'feature detection' within the high quality snapshot profile. I had a great deal of difficulty with those settings, and I may remove that feature from the next release even though it works great when it's configured properly. I have discovered a much simpler method of accomplishing the same thing that doesn't require any settings adjustment: take snapshots only on the parts of the layer that print at the highest speed (almost always infill).