Octolapse + prusaslicer weird issue

so for some weird reason when I use prusaslicer and octoprint, my ender 3 pro makes a loud bang noise when the bed is moved before a print, almost as if the bed is trying to move farther that it is able to.

it only started doing this when I use prusaslicer, if I use Cura it doesn't make this sound.

what could be the issue?

It sounds like the start gcode is different in the two slicers (and that Cura is better than Prusaslicer).

You can compare them yourself or take the same small object (.stl), slice it with both slicers, zip the three files and upload them here.

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I uninstalled cura and prusaslicer, and re installer them both, to start from fresh, I will try to print the same model, and see if it still makes the weird noise. I even uninstalled octolapse.

also, it seems to only make the loud bang when I use octolapse, if I just print normally, it doesn't make the noise.