Octolapse - Replicator 2 Settings?

Hi everyone,

I recently set up Octoprint to use with my MakerBot Replicator 2 (not a clone).

Finally I have prints working quite well (only with MakerBot slicer, which is fine for me). I had a spare USB camera module laying around so I thought I'd set up Octoprint to take time lapses of some of my builds.

Octolapse was an obvious choice, and definitely made it sound easy to do. But that has not been my experience. I'm sure it's great for those who have printers already supported. I recently looked through the GitHub history of the Octolapse project and saw that, at one point at least, there was support for the MakerBot Replicator series.

Octolapse has an overwhelming number of options to configure and the underlying logic in how these settings are used is quite vague at times. I appreciate the capability for advanced users to configure it exactly how they want, but it seems like it could've been simplified a bit for users like me.

Anyway, I have tried a bunch of options to try and get Octolapse to work properly with my replicator. The problems I am having are:

1.) In layer trigger mode, Octolapse sees only the first layer (may be the priming stage, where the printer prints a line on the front edge of the bed before printing the actual model). Octolapse will not trigger again after this. The height always stays at 0mm.
2.) In z-hop trigger mode, the z-hop trigger icon changes every now and then but does not cause any capture to take place

These first two issues may be related to the fact that the z-axis is inverted on the replicator. Not sure though, because the documentation doesn't really go into detail as to how a new "layer" is detected.

I then tried manually inserting "snap" gcode commands into my print just as a test. Octolapse docked the extruder at the correct location (the Replicator uses absolute coordinates to my knowledge, so I just set it to the fixed "heating" location) but then proceeds to slam the extruder into the opposite end of the x-axis while continuing the print!

Has anyone out there had any luck configuring octolapse to work with a MakerBot Replicator 2?

I would also like to know the answer to this one. I have a Makerbot Replicator 2X. it would be nice to know at least which default printer is closest, so I can start transferring my slicer settings.

Im willing to help get a profile going. If we get one working, i will add it to the new profile repository. Let me know which settings you need help with.

Thanks! I am a nube to the octoprint, but I have been fiddling with it for about 2 weeks now, and love what it does, I have everything I wanted working now, but the Octolapse would be nice to have, but I am looking for help to make it work on a makerbot Replicator 2x (if it can be done).

I normally use the makerbot desktop slicer and export to .x3g file on SD card and sneaker net it into the printer. Now I am using the GPX pluggin, and the same Makerbot slicer but exporting as Gcode and upload to Octoprint.

For starters, I guess, it would help to find out if there is a printer in the configured choices that would be close to the replicators 2 or 2X. It would also be helpful to have the slicer that might be similar to the Makerbot desktop. (if not could you recommend a slicer that would be available if I need to use another?). once I can get started, I think I can try to match up all the settings needed.

I tried to start with other, for the slicer, and just started filling in the slicer settings from my makerbot desktop software, but there were quite few fields that I could not find on the makerbot desktop.

Attached is a jpg of the setting i used and i have made a red mark on each field I do not know what to use.

Attached is the json file from my slicer profile for ABS low resolution printing.
miracle.zip (1.9 KB)

Excellent. That should help. I'll get to this as soon as I drop v0.4.0. If you want to make sure I don't forget, submit a feature request to the github repository.

OK Thanks. I have submitted on git hub. (Hope I used the form correctly) and i have installed V0.4.0 and reset to defaults. I'll look forward to your note when you are ready.

have you had any luck with the settings for the Makerbot? I have a 2x and was hoping to share information with each other. Formerlurker has offered to post a template if we can get one set up.

I've got my Replicator 2X running off of gcode from cura with the GPX plug in.

The only issue i'm having now is the stabilization isn't consistent. (It'll work for the first little bit and then its like the delay/timings get changed..)


Can you export the printer profile and post it? I started messing with this but realized it required GPX.

Here is my Octoprint .profile, the 3 Octoprint before/after canceled/after done gcode, Cura .cfg for the printer, and the Printer and camera Profile .json from Octolapse.

I didn't change it much and I'm still trying to get the camera to behave as I have to have a high 3500ms delay. That mostly works but it seems to forget the delay sometimes for a few layers. Also have to figure out the nasty seam that Octolapse causes.

Overall it works just a few bugs still lol I uploaded 2 of my prints sofar, still working on installing lights, focus and camera position.

Rep2X.zip (3.9 KB)

3500MS Delay! That is way too high. However, nice timelapse! I will take a look at the profile and will let you know how it goes.

I know that's way to high! I've read some other posts about others who've had that.

I'm using an arducamera plugged into the pi camera port, the time lapses catch the carriage too soon with any lower delay.