OctoLapse + Simplify3D Multi Process


Hi Guys,

I am using OctoLapse v0.3.4 with OctoPrint v1.3.9, using Simplify3D as my slicer.

On prints with a single process in Simplify3D, I don't have any issues with OctoLapse, everything runs great.

However, when I use multiple processes, OctoLapse will run fine through the first process, but when subsequent processes start it stops taking snapshots.

OctoLapse still seems to know when a layer change is occurring, as I can see that my counter for "Triggering Every Layer" is continuing to count up, and I have OctoLapse set to Snapshot - Every Layer, High Quality.

In my current print job, I have 2 processes, one that prints 2 perimeter walls for the first 5mm, and switches to a single wall above 5mm. OctoLapse stopped taking snapshots after 5mm. I was careful to make sure all my settings were the same between processes. Is there a setting in Simplify3D I need to enable or disable to have the snapshots persist through the process change? Does it reset some absolute/relative values in the G Code that OctoLapse depends on to continue performing snapshots on layer changes?

As mentioned, when I look at the Trigger State, Extruder State, Position State, and Position Changes everything still seems to be tracking. It still seems to be tracking all the features based on print speeds, it still tracks Z Hop, retractions, axis positions, priming, layer changes, etc...

I know I'm probably missing some information here that would be helpful, but any insight on why this is happening would certainly be helpful.