Octolapse Snapshots


Where are the Octolapse snapshots stored on the pi? I've looked all over and used the Find function, but no luck.My last print didn't render a timelapse. I can see the last snapshot taken in the Octolapse window, so I believe all the snapshots were taken. Don't know if this is possible but I'd like to take all the snapshots and manually create a timelapse using a video editing program.


Hi there! Sorry you are having problems. You might consider creating an issue on my github page regarding the rendering issue. Sounds like something that can be fixed.

If you are running OctoPi the images can be found in /home/pi/.octoprint/data/octolapse/snapshots

Inside of that directory you will see a subdirectory with a funny name (a guid) for every print that failed. Inside of THAT folder there will be one or more subfolders (again, named with a guid) for every enabled camera (you prob only have 1).

If you're running on windows look in c:\users{your user account name here}\app data\roaming\octoprint\data\octolapse\snapshots. The subdirectory structure will be the same.

Let me know if you need any more help!