Octolapse Stabilize Extruder strange behaviour

Hi, I'm experiencing strange behaviour while setting up Octolapse and a webcam.

While in camera settings I click on the Stabilize Extruder button and my Prusa i3 Mk3s goes to the home position and then very very slowly over period of maybe 10-15 mins moves to the Stabilization position I have set on Octolapse settings page, in my case Center Left. I have watched FormerLurker's video Octolapse V0.4.0 - Enable Custom Image Preferences and when he clicks the Stabilize Extruder to set his focus point his bed and extruder moves at normal speed.

Anyone know why this very slow movement may be happening?

Thanks in Advance


Hi Mike, did you figure out the issue? Having the same problem here...

Ok, I feel kinda stupid but the solution for me was:

Octolapse has mm/min and I entered mm/sec values