Octolapse UI Issues

Decided to give Octolapse a try, and...
I don't know if anyone else has run into this issue, but the User Interface in Octolapse has what appear to be misplaced question marks on each screen...

I am using Latest Version of OctoPrint v1.5.0 etc.


A new release of OctoLapse is going out imminently, or you can install it using this URL in the plugin manager:


Since they are using OctoPrint 1.5.0 (where this problem manifests) they can go to the software updater in OctoPrint settings and select a different release channel for OctoLapse and have the software updater take care of installing rc1. That's how I did it without needing to access the filesystem of my headless (and annoyingly long/complicated, hopefully secure, password) RPi system.

Thank you @foosel for implementing this feature. Who knew it would come in handy so soon after upgrading OctoPrint. :smiley:

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Oh yeah, I forgot about that one. And I've added it to all my plugins :laughing:.

Thanks bud! You seem to have the answers to all my issues this week!! :slight_smile:

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