Octolapse - waiting for print to complete before rendering


I've just installed Octolapse last night and it looks like it was happily collecting snapshots.

Now that the print has completed, it says it is waiting for the print to complete before rendering.

What are the criteria that Octolapse uses to decide that a print has completed?


If you configured the part of the timelapse where it creates padding at the end of the video (by repeating frames), it's important to note that the number of seconds does not equate to the number of frames. Initially, I added "60" seconds' worth of idle/repeated frames but that somehow translated into 42 minutes of extra content; it took a long time to copy several thousand frames to build that.

If you did like I did, just leave it at "1".


I dont see where to configure that in Octolapse.

I've just got mine to generate a 15 sec MP4.


Sorry, I'm using the native timelapse rather than the plugin add-on Octolapse.

But it's entirely possible that the 15 secs, if configured as an ending trailer (copy) of frames could work like the original and produce a lot more than you think.


As it turns out, when I look in the timelapse tab, its completed the render, but Octolapse is still reporting wating for the print to complete.

The timelapse tab says that timelapse is disabled, yet, that is where I see the file.


The timelapse that has been produced is just from the start to the end of the print. There appears to be no padding at the end.


Do you move the heat bed at the end of the print with a script to another position as the start position?
I moved mine to 0/180 and got the same error message.


What version of OctoPrint are you using? There are some issues with 1.3.9 rc1 and rc2 that are being debugged presently. If you are using 1.3.9, I recommend either disabling Octolapse, or using the software updater to change OctoPrint to 1.3.8. If you are using 1.3.8 and everything is working EXCEPT that Octolapse is still reporting that it's waiting for the print to finish, that is probably a UI bug of some kind. Let me know if that's the case so I can figure out what's broken!

Regarding the built in timelapse tab, yes the completed renderings end up here if you have the 'synchronize with OctoPrint' rendering option ticked. Otherwise you have to download the file manually from the pi (big pain, I hope to add a file browser to Octolapse soon).

Please let me know if you need any additional assistance!

Edit: Changed 'synchronize with Octolapse' to 'synchronize with OctoPrint'