Octolapse with modern sony camera

So I purchased a Sony a7iii, very modern camera. The camera itself does support all the modern features. (UNRELATED- I also have a stabilizer gimbal that lets me control the camera, BUT The camera wants to send photos to the gimbal which is un supported by the gimbal.) SO it should be able to send photos to the raspberry pi 4. I installed Gphoto2, and I am able to take only one photo, and then no more

I ran commands directly from Gphoto, and the camera is displayed in lusb command.
I have made the shell script using the same command and octolapse test does trigger the camera. So when I fire up the print, the camera fires one time, and no more.

I am using the raspberry pi model 4 2gb and a really old logitech usb webcam, but I have to manually restart the webcam service between prints. Also, I am running it on wifi as the router is too far away, and I am also out of ports.

If anyone can figure out what Sony a73 issues might be it would help. but no rush.

which version are you using? maybe you're using an older one and the issue has already been fixed.

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