Octolight: add physical button/switch with raspberry?

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I have Octoprint installed on a Raspberry 4 for my Ender 3. With two LM2596 DC/DC step-down converters, the power supply of the Ender 3 supplies the raspberry and a 12V LED strip. With two KY-019 5 V relay modules I can switch the Ender 3 (with plugin PSU Control) and the LED strip (with plugin Octolight) on and off.

Is there a way to put a small physical button on the printer and use it to turn the LED light on and off?

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Maybe the physical button plugin would get you close to what you need?

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i'll give it a try - thanks for this hint!

I also want a physical switch that is able to turn 3D printer light on or off as well as OctoLight;

There are times when I want a switch to control the light without going online or using a phone click on the OctoLight icon to do this but I still want to be also uses OctoLight if required.

So a physical switch that does not sent a voltage to the Raspberry PI and damage it if I turn the physical switch on or off


It's described in detail here:

I don't see an action called Light???

Then you may try this:

You can control the light via GPIO or GCODE

you can use Output and specify the GPIO in that I think.

OctoPrint-Enclosure Plugin fails for me
:- video

OctoLight worked for me but OctoPrint-Enclosure fails for me.

I deleted OctoLight and rebooted the 3D printer but no luck.

I used the same working settings that where used with OctoLight
where ever possible. I also tried other settings.

I am just trying to switch a LED strip on or off via a MOSFET
controlled via a Raspberry Pi 3 B and OctoPrint.

I see and am able to select on/off on the UI Navigation option in
OctoPrint but the LED strip no longer lights like it did with OctoLight

OctoPrint 1.8.6 Python 3.7.3 OctoPi 0.18.0

Thank you for any help

OctoLight Plugin, works

OctoPrint-Enclosure Plugin, fails


Octolight Adding a physical light switch.

A YouTuve video Octolight adding a physical light switch - YouTube

Octolight plugin within Octoprint

I tried MOSFETS but these did not not work for me.

Maybe there was some back current into the MOSFETS.

So I use Arduino Raspberry Pi 2 Channel relay in a similar circuit as a two way house lighting method.strong text