OctoOled, showing print progress via a ESP8266

My printer setup is pretty basic, it is just a ProFab Mini+ with a printed filament guide and a Raspberry Pi camera mount.

Because of that, I thought I would show you a little weekend project of mine: OctoOled. I wanted to try MicroPython and I wanted to use the OctoPrint REST API. So I combined both and made a small progress monitor using a ESP8266 and a OLED display.

If somehow you find it useful, you can find more information and the code here: https://github.com/MaxAtoms/OctoOled. Feedback and stars are well appreciated :wink:

PS: I hope this is the right category for this type of post. "Development" seems to be only for questions and "Plugins" isn't really fitting either :thinking:


That a Feather HUZZAH???

Love it! Although I think you missed an opportunity here by not calling it OctOled :grin:

And this category is fine!

That reminds me of a fork of one of my plugins.

@chillysmoks Not exactly. It is a NodeMCU board which uses the same chip as the Feather HUZZAH. Hidden in the 3D printed case is a Wemos D1 Mini board.

@foosel Oh no, now I can't unsee it. I might have to change the name. Thanks for the suggestion :sweat_smile:

Good idea. Add in a pause or stop button, and I find it really useful! Have you tried the esp32? There's one with a builtin OLED that I like a lot. I have no idea how far along the python is, I've been using mine with C++ and arduino.

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So far I only have ESP8266 chips. But the Bluetooth capability of the ESP32 is very interesting. I only have to find a project :wink:
There are daily MicroPython builds for the ESP32, but no stable builds. So I assume that there is still work to do with the port: https://micropython.org/download#esp32

Actually it would be possible to build a whole ESP8266 OctoPrint control unit, but I could not find a good use case for it. If somebody would use my project if I integrated the buttons, I would gladly do that. Just write me a feature request.

Epic work, been considering doing something like this myself!