Octopi 0.15 and running 2 printers with one Raspberry pi


I am wanting to run my two Ender2 printers with just one Raspberry Pi. I have found guides on how to set this up (basically running two instances of OctoPrint), but they are for older versions of Octopi. I am curious if anything has changed with Octopi 0.15 from previous versions that might change how this would be set up.

Thank you for any help.


The changes of OctoPrint are not that much that these "old" guides should not work.
And, btw.


Thanks for the help. I know the way you add your SSID and password are new in the newer version, plus you have to add your country in as well. I am assuming that once you get OctoPrint up and running, you then create the 2nd instance of it to run on your other printer?


It should.
To be honest, I've done myself the luxury with another RasPi for my second printer.


To me, running two printers from one Raspberry Pi feels about as risky as...