Octopi 0.17.0 on raspberry Pi 2?

Hello, i have and old Prusa i3 clone with ramps 1.4 and i'm in the process of sourcing all the material to build a Voron 2.4.
Of course for the Boron I'm going to purchase a Pi4 with 4GB with camera and all, but while the stuff to build the new printer arrives (some parts coming from China), i wanted to start playing with the Pi 2 in the Prusa, specially cause my new PC does not take SDcards anymore and i can oly use the prusa with the USB connection.

anyway, I'm not planning on putting any cameras yet or plugings (i think, not sure if i need plugin to use it with Simplify 3d...), but Iigured I can use the Pi with the Prusa i3, when the Pi4 8GB is finally supported, i will upgrade the new Voron with the latest version and move the Pi4 4gb to this prusa (with the camera and all)

so anyway, i guess the question is if the latest version of octopi will run in a Pi2

thanks a lot!


You know there are usb cardreaders, right? :wink:

Yep it will run on a Pi 2

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I know of those, but as I mentioned, buying all stuff fdor a Voron so trying to save a few bucks here ad there, yeah i know, it's only 5 bucks, but voron is like 1200$ in materials hehe :stuck_out_tongue: i'm kinda broke LOL
plus ramps only takes cards under 2Gb.. that's rather arcaic now

thanks :slight_smile:

Hello! I'm trying something similar: conecting a pi 2 to an ender 3, but I can´t find a way to connect the pi to the internet :confused: I've got an ethernet cable and a wifi adapter (OURLINK AC600) but nothing seems to work. Any ideas on how to solve this issue?

The ethernet cable should "just work", provided the other end is plugged into a router.

Hmmm that´s odd then. Gotta try it again but with my laptop to check if its the cable or something. Thanks!