Octopi + HA vs HASS + Octoprint?


Maybe a weird question (and a selection bias among potential responders); I'm planning to upgrade to a raspberry pi 4 to be able to run Octoprint and HomeAssistant on the same device.

They both provide full images based on Raspbian and can both be installed manually (instructions for manual installation of HomeAssistant on Raspberry Pi).

Now I'm wondering which one to install the image for and which one to install manually.
I'm not really going to do anything really extraordinary with any of the setups, OctoPrint will be running a single camera (pi-cam) as well as a touch UI. HA will not be using any GPIO.

Has anyone had any experience with similar setups i.e. running two different services like this? Any recommendations as to which end to start with?

Do both of them manually. That way you'll learn more.

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In my opinion, you should run them on separate Pi's. OP can cause print issues if there is something else competing for resources. I run both on the same system, but it's a proper PC. I wouldn't think about doing it on a Pi.

Thanks, I mean following along the step by step instructions for both will probably not teach me a whole lot, and since both claim that their images are specifically optimised for their use case, I also fear this might be the least efficient solution?

Thanks, I've previously done homebridge as well as octoprint (with the touch ui and cam) on my raspberry pi 2, which haven't been an issue.
Since HA is run in a venv my guess is that it won't interfere much, and my guess was that the pi4 should have well beyond the required resources, especially if I look at what it's been using now (unless that somehow escalates when the available resources are larger?).
What are you seeing on your PC in terms of resource consumption?

It rarely goes above 10% cpu. But I had issues on my Pi2 with just OctoPrint. You can try it out and see how it goes in the Pi4. If it were me, I would install Raspian and install Hass.io and OP manually.

For what it's worth, I've turned off my voice-control devices for a bit and may re-flash them at some later date. I'm really not trusting these vendors (Amazon/Google) at the moment with respect to the potential for spying and hacked devices. Each software update just feels creepier than the last.

I get that, I use a HomePod and I at least trust Apple slightly more than the rest. HA is mainly to enable better automation and integration with some unsupported devices as well