Octopi + new raspberry pi os

The new raspberry pi os based on denian bookworm and wayland support should provide better performance on the pi. Will octopi makde use of these new developments.?

My current raspberry pi 4 8gb running octopi and usb webcam works okayt but the video stream at 1080p is laggy. The new raspberry pi os should address these types of issues, when can we expect octopito also make use of these features.


We will work on a new image based on the Pi OS bookworm image.

But I'm not quite sure how that or the Wayland support should improve your webcam issues.

Are you using you Pi as a desktop?

I'd also question if you are using the new camera stack octopi image or not, as that can have much better performance than the classic mjpgstreamer one.

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The only thing new pi related that will help with the streaming is the Pi5. Much faster, I/O is now handled by a separate chip that runs off a PCI-e bus, USB is now 4 separate full speed ports, and pi camera and display ports are now 4 lane. I-directional. The OS itself won't make much difference