OctoPi Release Candidate 0.15rc1 needs testers!

Guy Sheffer just published a release candidate for the next release of the OctoPi image, version 0.15.

Apart from adding support for the Pi 3+ and of course shipping with the current stable OctoPrint version 1.3.8, 0.15 also contains the following changes:

  • Raspberrypi 3B+ support
  • octopi-wpa-supplicant.txt network settings now default
  • linux kernel 4.14 from new base image 2018-04-18-octopi-stretch-lite
  • debian stretch from new base image
  • Bug fixes

Developer Notes:

We have moved to build with CustomPiOS, which means that OctoPi has joined a larger build system which supports lots of modules and cool ways to configure and maintain debian-based IOT distos.

If you’ve been waiting for a new OctoPi release, this is your chance to give the candidate a test drive and report any findings back so we can make sure the release is solid!

You can find the download links in the ticket.

Confused about the difference between OctoPi and OctoPrint? Read this!

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I installed Octopi last on 5/1/18 onto a B+ Pi. Have it up and operating. Have seen no discrepencies with run activity. Installation was not problematic and environment is stable.