OctoPi Release Candidate 0.17.0rc1 needs testers!

Guy Sheffer just published a release candidate for the next release of the OctoPi image, version 0.17.0.

Apart from adding support for the Pi 4 and of course shipping with the current stable OctoPrint version 1.3.12, 0.17.0rc1 also contains the following changes:

Changes in the image

  • Raspberrypi 4B support
  • linux 4.19.75 from new base image 2019-09-26-raspbian-buster-lite
  • OctoPrint 1.3.12
  • Fix Chinese Endoscope 8mm ( #602 )
  • Bug fixes

Build notes

  • Uses CustomPiOS in devel (which I release once I understand how to get the multi-arch tagged correctly)
  • Our nightly/release builds have moved to the new build server, after 6+ years of operating.

If you’ve been waiting for a new OctoPi release, this is your chance to give the candidate a test drive and report any findings back in the ticket on the OctoPi repository so we can make sure the release is solid!

You can find the download links in the ticket.

Confused about the difference between OctoPi and OctoPrint? Read this!

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Yay! I'll test it.

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Is there a way to save and load settings in OctoPrint - I would consider it. Just got too many settings in both OctoPrint and addons right now to just "try for the heck of it"! But it is tempting... :wink:

Hi @Idus!
You can backup those things: How do I backup my OctoPrint settings on OctoPi?

I'll give it a go on my Pi4

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It is will work any better with my Prusa MK3 then the current release then it must be a bonus.

I will test, using v17.0 now and not seeing any issues. LCD screen is not showing accurate time to finish.

I used BalenaEtcher to burn the image to a 16GB sdcard, edited the wifi config, and saw that there was already a ssh file in the root directory. Installation completed without error and I successfully restored an Octoprint backup created with the built in Octoprint backup tool.

One item for Mac users to be aware of. You must upgrade to the newest version of BalenaEtcher if you are running MACOS 10.15.x (Catalina). If you do not then you go to burn the sdcard you will see and error that the image file is corrupt. It is not, this is just an incompatibility between an older version of Etcher and Catalina. (I found this out the hard way :slight_smile: )

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Apple has been silently warning about 64-bit support and the sunset of 32-bit compiled apps. Companies like Adobe have taken advantage of this to then sunset their licenses for earlier 32-bit compiled products like PhotoShop, for example.

I'll also like to give it a try on my Pi 4..the current version I am using will not allow me to enable the desktop..it appears the repositories or mirrors aren't up to date or missing files. Maybe this will be fixed in the new release.

Uhm, OctiPi 0.17.0 is already (2020-11-19) released...

Lol you are correct, I’m currently running it, misread and thought it was yet a newer RC but I still can’t get the desktop to load..thanks

As on all OctoPi installations, there is no desktop included.
You may do it manually:

sudo ./scripts/install-desktop