OctoPi Release Candidate 1.0.0rc3 needs testers!

Guy Sheffer published a release candidate for the next release of the OctoPi image, version 1.0.0.

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Installed 64-bit on Raspberry Pi zero 2.

So far, so good.

I note that you still require the primary user account to be "pi" even though the new Raspberry Pi Imager lets you change this. Would it not be better to create a separate user account "octopi" for OctoPi and let the user name their primary account whatever they wish?

The username being able to be different I think was a change @foosel did in OctoPiUpToDate using custopizer as a quick fix for when the pi imager exposed those settings during flashing. The changes necessary can be seen in this file here.

Where else would you recommend putting the announcement so people can see it? There's a long list of places this announcement is published already. Where would you see it, that is currently being missed?

Yea, if I look closely I see the anouncement now too on the central "download" page. I was probably just miffed that I missed it when I wrote that comment. Sorry. I'll remove the comment, if it's possible.