OctoPi to monitor RC chargers


OctoPi is mainly used to monitor a printout on a 3D printer in order to feel safe.

Has some ever thought that it would be great to use it for monitoring a longer term charging of RC batterie using a charger.
A very common brand with RC-chargers is ISDT. All chargers provide an interface to update the charger. It might be possible to get status infos as well through this interface (current, charged capacity etc.). In addition the camera can be used to monitor the battery pack visually.

What do you think about that?

Best regards

In theory it would be possible to use OctoPrint for that, but I haven't found anything regarding getting status infos via the jack plug.
Seems like a dead end to me.

However, some chargers come with a Bluetooth option and can connect to smartphone apps.
Imo this is the most promising way to go about this.
Someone has to reverse engineer the stuff of course - I highly doubt it's documented.